Who We Are?

SeeknLock is an advanced vehicle tracking solution. SeeknLock App on your mobile combines with SeeknLock GPS device in your vehicle to make your vehicle a smart vehicle and you a smarter owner. After attaching SeeknLock device to your vehicle, it is always kept connected to the cloud. SeeknLock App on your mobile connects to your vehicle's data in the cloud and brings you all the insights at your finger-tips.

"We are Always Ready for a Challenge."

Seeknlock are always there for you. We covers approx entire country in terms of service and delivery. We have a professional team all around. Wherever you go, our service team can reach you at any location if required.


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Over Stopped Alerts
Toll Plaza Alerts
Battery Removal Alerts
Air Condition Misuse
Tow Alerts
Vehicle Power Cut Alert
Panic / SOS button
Parking Mode
GEO Locating
Ensure Safe Driving
Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

What our clients say

Hello viewers I am running a travel agency STT, where I am providing cabs to many B2B clients who further provide my cabs to end users for reaching their destination may be airports or offices in time. I have been using SeeknLock devices and services for past one year and experienced a new level of professionalism as compared to the previous products and service providers I had used. They are cable to provide 24*7 services and charge absolutely nothing for granting API access hence SeeknLock acted as an asset which helped a tones time to enhance my business and increase my profit. I will sincerely recommend all the professionals to go for SeeknLock.

Manoj khandelwal

Manoj khandelwal

SBM telecom

This is a very good quality device, the build quality is great. The tracking is very accurate and quick. The app is quite professional and provides all the insights one can get from GPS. I will recommend it to everyone.

Navjeet singh

Navjeet singh

SeeknLock is awesome and the service provided is flawless. They took all the care of what customer require and the Professional Technician who came to install the device works swiftly like if he had expertise his profession with down to earth and humble nature. I had no problem since I was explained each and everything in detail with patience. I would suggest everyone to purchase SeeknLock products and you can trust on the company and installer and you will not have to face any warranty void issues.

Manipal singh

Manipal singh

I use the Seeknlock tracker for my car, an i get regular updates. The app is really amazing, and i can control all functionality of car with just one click. Moreover, i like its simplicity and ease of access. Thanks Leo Track and its team for developing such a nice product.